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   SBFI Commodity Trade Finder has been developed to allow subscribers the ability to test diferent trading strategies in an effort to find the most profitable. While there is no guarantee that what has worked in the past will work in the future, the potential is present. Certainly, this program does not completely exhaust or test all the possibilities. Intentionally, the focus has been narrowed in order to have some reasonable size to the development and to allow the use of the program by several subscribers over the Internet. The databases used are of the nearby month of each commodity.
   The program is designed to be educational, as well as practical. Although we look at historical data, each trade is made as if we were at that point in time, with no knowledge of the future. If the selected criteria indicates a trade is to be attempted, that trade is attempted on the next trading day. In real life, it is as if you would come in the evening, check the markets and see that your particular trading pattern had been matched by today's markets. You would then call your commodity broker that evening or early the next morning and place an order to be filled during that next trading day. At the same time, you would specify the profit desired, the maximum loss acceptable, and the maximum days to keep the trade on. The broker could then follow your orders without further input from you.
   This program has been in development for several years. Originally, written in the BASIC computer language, then in dBase, and now converted to PERL. The databases used by the program are updated on a weekly basis. Additional features will be added over the next few months. If you have an idea for an new trading option or parameter, drop us an email and we will consider it. Our next parameter we anticipate adding is the ability to limit trading to a particular day of the week. After that, we anticipate adding the ability to test your trading pattern over only a portion of the database, for example, the last six months.
   Here's our disclaimer: We are not reponsible for any profits or losses you may incur as a result of using a trading strategy developed using this program and then implementing that strategy in the actual commodity market.